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When it comes to the growth of a business, a digital presence is a key factor. This can often be overwhelming for a business owner, especially in the constantly changing world of technology. It can be hard to keep up with everything. 

As a Bit-Monkeys client, we meet with you to discuss what your business goals are and where technology fits in. We find a great starting point and ways to expand your businesses success without putting extra work on your plate. We'll help you create a cohesive marketing strategy that fits the needs of your business, along with actionable steps to assist you in reaching your new goals.


Opening a social media account without any sort of rationale won't do much to help your business in the long term. By having a clear purpose you'll be able to have more meaningful interactions with your current and future clients. 

This service includes the following customized options for your business needs:


- Includes full web design package

- initial meeting to discuss your current digital marketing strategy, what you would like to see happen, and a plan of action to help this plan into place.

- Weekly, biweekly or monthly meetings to discuss the status of the plan in action as well as what will happen next

-monthly analytics emails will be sent to keep you up to date on your website

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